About Us

Coral Club has teamed up with Cosmetic Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of beauty products, to create a premium anti-aging skin care line - Privilege

Privilege products consist of natural ingredients that are highly effective in rejuvenating the skin. Our first skin care line includes 8 products that will help you achieve brighter, younger skin.

One skin care line for cleansing, nourishing, restoring and moisturizing the skin.

We use natural components that are effective, but gentle. The Privilege line will guide you into a secret world where natural beauty reigns and time seems to stand still.

Privilege Cosmetic Laboratories

When developing the Privilege skin care products, we were inspired by Hawaii’s unique ecosystem, the birthplace of Kona Coffee. Kona is a unique variety of coffee that grows in the fertile soil of the Big Island in Hawaii. We were able to concentrate all the valuable qualities of Kona to create a formula for timeless beauty – Privilege. Our goal in creating Privilege was to help you forget your age.

Privilege Cosmetic Laboratories keeps the production process of the Privilege products exclusively in-house, in GMP registered facilities, which allows the products to comply with the highest industry quality standards.

Privilege Cosmetic Laboratories строго следует стандартам качества: все разработки ведутся исключительно в собственной лаборатории, а выпускаемые продукты строго соответствуют международным требованиям и стандартам.

Privilege products are available exclusively from Coral Club.